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woman attending telemedicine session
Bringing Health to Your Inbox: Promoting Telemedicine

The promotion of telemedicine has made healthcare much more accessible to those who don’t have the time to go to the doctor’s office. Telemedicine has positively affected the lives of many – especially because people are getting the care they

dentist checking child's teeth
Creating a Dentist Referral Network to Expand Your Practice

In the dentistry industry, it takes a lot of training and equipment to be able to perform all the services your patient. Different procedures may need specialists but of course, you don’t want to leave your patient empty-handed when you

interior designer working on the colors for the client
7 Interior Design Business Ideas to Gain New Clients and Reengage Old Ones

As an interior designer, you know how important it is to constantly work on new projects that keep your creative juices flowing. However, getting a steady stream of clients – especially if you’re new to the business, can be a

Group of chef preparing food in the kitchen of a restaurant
Staying Ahead of Diners: Top 6 Restaurant Industry Trends for 2023

When the pandemic came, the food and beverage industry was hit hard. In time, the industry slowly recovered but now, a recession is looming on the horizon and another challenge is imminent for this industry. Companies must adapt to the

email marketing for accounting firms
9 Email Marketing Do’s and Don’ts for Accounting Firms

In 2021, it has been recorded that there are over 1.32 million accountants and auditors employed in the United States. Surely, the number of accountants has only increased since then. With a steady stream of finance professionals entering the market,

landscaping company email marketing ideas
Email Marketing Tips to Grow Your Landscaping Business

When clients are looking for a landscaper to help them beautify their property, a key factor in their decision-making is working with someone that they trust. Clients will usually have a leads list of landscaping contractors that they can consult

email marketing strategies for architects
Growing Your Client Base: Email Marketing Strategies for Architects

As an architect, you know that each individual has their unique style that’s inculcated into the design you give them. However, your clients may not know about the design philosophy behind your craft. One way for you to get the

email marketing for construction companies
Benefits of Email Marketing for Construction Companies

Before clients choose to work with a construction firm, they’ll often want to see the company’s portfolio and get to know them before handing over the project to them. This is important because when it comes to structures, quality, and

interior designer principles to email marketing
7 Email Marketing Ideas for Interior Designers to Improve Your Digital Strategy

As an interior designer, you’ve probably opted into several email newsletters for brands whose products and fixtures you patronize in your projects. You also know how valuable it is to stay in the know of any product discounts because it

Licensed Electrician For Your Business
5 Reasons Why You Should Hire a Licensed Electrician For Your Business

As you construct your building, you’ll realize how much financial resources you’ll need to commit to it, and this may lead you to skip out on some services. One of the things that you might consider foregoing is a licensed