email marketing strategies for architects

As an architect, you know that each individual has their unique style that’s inculcated into the design you give them. However, your clients may not know about the design philosophy behind your craft. One way for you to get the word out about what makes your design style unique is to have an email marketing strategy for your architecture business. Practicing email marketing can increase the number of qualified leads you gain to effectively grow your practice.

We’ve listed down some of the ways you can grow your client base through different email marketing techniques that any architect can apply to their business.

What Can Email Marketing Do for Architects?

Email marketing is a powerful tool that can help you expand your business if used correctly. In 2022 alone, it was reported that the number of email users worldwide averaged 4.3 billion individuals. That’s more than half of the global population. So, you can assume that there’s an opportunity to grow your architecture client base from these numbers alone.

Including email in your marketing channels can have you tap into a huge market pool.

What Are Some Email Marketing Techniques for Architecture Businesses?

Today’s day and age require individuals to have an email address when signing up for new websites and products thus, it’s only natural that they have a working email for these tasks. But just because they receive emails from these websites doesn’t mean that they’ll open them.

A critical part of creating an effective email marketing strategy is to ensure that your emails are click-worthy. So, from the title and body to the CTA, you’ll want to craft an email that your customers can’t stop reading.

Now, the question remains – how does one craft an attractive email?

what can email marketing do for architects

Design a Visually Pleasing Email

As an architect, you know how important it is to create a visually pleasing design for your clients. You can apply the same concept when you’re creating an email for your subscribers.

When you have big blocks of text in your email, it can make clients feel overwhelmed because there’s no space for them to take a break. Following an F format with lots of white space in between can convince your clients to read through your emails.

In addition, adding various media to your emails can help you illustrate your points better and it also gives your subscribers a welcome break from reading text.

Give Out Helpful Information

One of the most critical parts of ensuring that your customers stay subscribed to your newsletter is to create helpful content. Show your clients that you value their time and that you’re knowledgeable about your profession by sending out content that’s relevant to their needs.

Aside from providing helpful information, you’ll also want to ensure that your writing has a good flow so it isn’t jarring to read to your subscribers.

Read Through Your Emails

Before sending out your email, allot some time to read through your writing again. It’s best if you take a step back and perform other tasks, so you can have a fresh pair of eyes for editing.

Additionally, you can also ask for help from others to help proofread your content and evaluate its flow. There are also free tools online to help you check for any grammatical mistakes in your writing.

Monitor Your Progress

Finally, make sure to check your email marketing performance every now and then. Taking time to reevaluate your campaign can provide you with valuable insight as to where you can improve your strategy.

Growing Your Craft

Now that the time of Rolodexes is over, an architect’s email list is their most prized possession. The number of contacts in one’s email list can very much shape their business’ future, which is exactly why you need to take care of your contact.

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