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In 2021, it has been recorded that there are over 1.32 million accountants and auditors employed in the United States. Surely, the number of accountants has only increased since then. With a steady stream of finance professionals entering the market, it’s critical that you optimize your email marketing strategy to provide CPA email leads with a better experience.

While accounting firms are an essential part of tax season for individuals, their services are needed all year round for businesses. This is because businesses need to have their numbers to stay compliant with the law.

Now, with new businesses getting established every day, you’ll want to build up your accounting firm’s email marketing strategy to grow your accounting firm. If you’re an accountant looking to fully utilize emails for your marketing, then this blog was made just for you.

Do: Segment your market list

It’s not enough that you build up your email marketing list to reach as many people as possible. Identifying and understanding the groups of customers that you have is critical to making your email marketing effective.

By segmenting your market list, you can strategically roll out marketing techniques according to their preferences. It can also accelerate the conversion process for your market because you’re directly targeting their needs.

Some companies choose to segment their market according to where they are on the buyer’s journey. For example, if you’re going to craft an email for clients who are in the decision-making stage, you can create an email that provides them with a free consultation for their business.

Don’t: Make a long subscription process

While you may want to get all your potential reader’s details to create specific content for them, a long subscription process can be counterproductive. Why? Because your clients can feel hassled by going through a long subscription process and thus, stop filling out the subscription form midway.

Making a short subscription process is key to securing client details.

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Do: Provide helpful content

One of the main reasons clients opt-in to email subscriptions is because they found value in your website’s content. You can build on this and start giving them more information about your products, your values, and your methods straight into their inbox.

Freely giving out informative content is one way for your clients to see that you have a deep understanding of your craft.

Additionally, giving out valuable information shows your clients that you value their time, and this can foster a better relationship with them.

Don’t: Forget your CTA

Doling out valuable information in every email is good, but it may be pointless if you don’t tell your readers what to do next.

Call-to-Actions (CTAs) are important because they direct your clients where you want them to go such as a blog page, contact form, or product page.

Do: Send emails consistently

As an accountant, you’ll want your clients to feel like they can rely on you. Especially when it comes to something as sensitive as finances.

One way for you to do this is to consistently send out emails. By creating a consistent email practice, you make your clients feel like they can rely on you because your messages arrive on the dot.

Don’t: Email too often

While consistently sending out emails is good, you must remember that no one likes receiving too many emails from one sender. So, it’s important that you find the balance between too much and not enough.

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Do: Format your emails

As an accountant, you know how important formatting is to keep data as readable as possible and to easily find data. The same value can be applied to your email marketing campaign.

Formatting your emails and ensuring that you don’t have big blocks of text is key to keeping your readers interested enough to finish reading your emails. You can also add photos to give your subscribers a break from reading or a video to make it more interactive.

Don’t: Neglect your progress

A critical email marketing tip for accountants is to continuously evaluate and monitor their campaign’s progress.

While you may be landing new clients left and right, you still need to understand what makes your email marketing strategy effective. By understanding your numbers, you can continue to exercise the campaign’s best practices.

Do: Test it out

Finally, before you click send, make sure to read through your emails and ask your friends to go through them. Doing this practice can greatly improve your marketing strategy and improve your reader’s experience.

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