For Agencies

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3. Validate and Export

After checking your results, export your lead lists right away. As soon as you export, you'll receive real-time email validation.

2. Preview Results

Go through a summary of your target B2B contacts before exporting your list.

1. Customize Your Search Options

You can either search for a business directly or find your target market within our B2B contact database. You can search for leads with a website, email address, phone number, or social media pages (Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, and LinkedIn).

Mail Metrics Insights

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Easy Validation and Export

After checking your results, you can quickly export your list of new leads right away. Our automated lead generation software will also send you real-time email validation as you export your list.

Results Preview

Easily view and inspect a summary of your list of targeted contacts before exporting your list. This ensures the data you gather will make your sales process more productive and fine-tuned for success.

Search Customization Options

Make it easier for your sales team to target ideal B2B prospects. Our online lead generation software is equipped with filters for geographical location, business size, decision maker job title, industry types, revenue, and more.